more appointments, more sales

B2B Appointment Making Service

The most important starting point when planning a lead generation project is understanding what you the client considers will qualify as a lead. CSML will listen, understand and mutually agree your requirements for the appointments. We will ask you to provide some company details so that we can use this in the appointment making process.

Once we have established both of our needs, we will start to qualify leads by making contact with companies who use the services you offer. We will actively promote your company with every call we make and should the occasion arise forward literature on your behalf.

The next stage is to establish how the appointments will be qualified, diarised and communicated back to the client. Every appointment gained on your behalf is confirmed by either email or letter to the prospective customer. We will copy you in on the original email if confirmation is sent by email.

For your sales staff CSML will produce and email to you an appointment sheet with contact, company, current contractual details and all relevant notes.

Cold calling and appointment making requires a totally different mind and skill-set to face-to-face selling. Outsourcing the appointment making element of the sales process frees your sales people to devote more time to the sales process and close more sales for your business. Remove the headache of persuading sales people to do their own appointment making and let your sales people concentrate on what they do best and let us do the appointment making.